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Makes the cleanup easy and safe

The Aberlan RIGVAC is the ultimate portable vacuum unit ideal for use in confined areas. The air driven unit will recover a variety of fluids in drilling and environmental applications.

The RIGVAC has numerous advantages:

The unit is small and easily maneuverable and can be used in confined spaces.

It is air powered, so it can be operated in hazardous areas.

The pump unit is housed in a robust stainless steel frame.

Automatic continuous suction/discharge cycle.

Simple one-man operation.

Minimum moving parts ensure ease of on-site maintenance

Performance Data:

Operates on a single Venturi

Uses a single ejector which requires no priming

80% maximum vacuum

Capable of handling liquids with solids content up to 15%

Will vertically lift 25 ft of fresh water

Will vertically lift 20 ft of 10 ppg mud

Supplied Complete with:

25 feet of 2 inch suction hose c/w fittings

25 feet of 2 inch discharge hose c/w fittings

50 feet of 1 inch air supply hose c/w fittings

1 stainless steel suction tube

2 black plastic gulper nozzles

1 copy of operating manual/parts lists

Specifications and Dimensions:


82kg (180.8lbs)

120kg (264.5lbs) Including Hoses/Accessories

Dimensions (H x W x D):

110cm x 45cm x 48cm (Approx. 43 1/3" x 17 3/4" x 18 9/10")

Air Consumption:

This requires a supply of rig air between 90-110 psi (6.2/7 .5bar)